A month of mini wellbeing challenges

Pause. Reset. Take a deep breath… Blow away the cobwebs with 28 days of mini challenges that will make you healthier, happier, more connected – and fully 2020-ready.

What is Blow It Away?

Blow It Away is a fundraising campaign for Asthma UK focused on 28 days of challenges for your mind, body and soul. From completing a 15 minute HIIT workout to meditation; from cooking a meat-free meal to buying a stranger a coffee. January doesn't need to be about giving something up - let's make it about creating the best you for 2020.

Here’s a sneak peek of the challenges you can expect


10 minutes of meditation, learn something new, no social media for a day


15-minute HIIT workout,  cook a gourmet meal, walk 10,000 steps.


Do something you used to love as a kid, tell someone how much you appreciate them, declutter a space.

How to take part in the challenge?

Why take part in the challenge?

There’s nothing as terrifying as not being able to breathe. Millions live in fear of a life-threatening asthma attack every day. That’s why this January the BLOW IT AWAY challenge is inspiring you to make a great start to the year – and by getting your friends and family to sponsor you, you'll be helping our fight to stop asthma attacks.

challenges are designed to be achievable and short enough to fit into a busy day. So what have you got to be afraid of – join the challenge today!  

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