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We're here for you - but as a charity, we still need you too.

Thanks to people like you, our team of health experts and Helpline nurses can provide the most up-to-date and relevant advice and help to people with asthma on COVID-19.

As a charity, we need your support to continue providing vital services to people with asthma.

If you've been helped today and if you're able too, please show your appreciation by making a one-off donation or by setting up a small monthly donation.

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Answer every call

This crisis saw a huge increase in calls from desperate people to the Asthma UK Helpline 

Provide free COVID-19
advice for millions of people with asthma

Every day we're updating our coronavirus health advice to provide millions of people with the support they need during the crisis

 Save someones
life today

£30 could cover the cost of an hour of a Helpline asthma nurse's time, offering potentially life-saving advice to people with asthma - please show your support today

Your support could make a real difference

Thank you to the Helpline nurse who spent an hour with me over the phone when I was ill last month.

She advised me on my medication and helped me sort my asthma plan out and inhaler technique.  She also stopped me having a panic attack over my condition deteriorating and not being able to get help.

She's a credit to the nursing profession and to Asthma UK, I am forever grateful to you and her ♡

Gwen, Helpline caller