Why we need your support:

The cost of running the Helpline last winter was £182,754 and this is expected to increase in 2021 as more people turn to us for support.

Last winter Asthma UK’s Helpline provided 8,307 people with crucial advice and support about their asthma during the pandemic.

For our specialist nurses to provide support or potentially life-saving advice for one person it costs £22.

A few messages from some people you have helped us to support recently:

I cannot rate this charity enough. I spoke to a very helpful nurse today about my severe asthma, we were talking a good half hour. Fantastic.


Thank you to the specialist nurse I just spoke to over the phone. She gave me lots of practical advice and caring support. She listened to me and didn’t rush me. I’m so grateful, thank you again.

Your website is a real godsend in trying to find good information. It’s clear, succinct, easy to understand, and presented in a very reassuring way. Thank you.