4 million more people now need us

Since the start of 2020, 6 million people have visited our website for free health advice and more - that's a whopping 4 million more people than last year*. 

Key fundraising events cancelled

Despite record numbers of people needing our support because of COVID-19, many of our key Fundraising events, like the London Marathon, have been cancelled, devastating our ability to raise vital funds.

Future of Asthma UK

The future of asthma in the UK is at stake. Services such as our Helpline are vital for people with asthma. We need your help to ensure we can continue to be there for everyone who needs us.  

Without your support - none of this is possible


Every year we provide millions of people with support and information to help them manage their asthma.


 Your support funds cutting-edge asthma research giving hope for the future. Our research will help to better understand asthma, find new treatments, improve diagnosis and one-day cure asthma.

A Voice

Asthma UK makes sure the voices of people with asthma are heard by the Government and the NHS. We want people with asthma to have the birghtest possible future.

We can't do this without you 

Thanks to Asthma UK's supporters my life has been extended.

I've been admitted to hospital 48 times because of my asthma. My asthma was spiralling out of control and my GP told me I was unlikely to make it to 50 unless I lost weight. That day, I spoke with a nurse on the Asthma UK Helpline. Following this, I changed my medication and lost seven stone. I've not had an asthma attack for the last three and half years.

Paul Wilson Asthma UK Supporter

*Web traffic based on unique web users between: Jan-Sept19 & Jan-Sept20