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Since the coronavirus outbreak, people with asthma have had their lives completely disrupted - they're frightened and confused.

It's only thanks to your kind donations that our team of expert asthma nurses can ensure everyone who contacts them feels safe and listened to. With your support the nurses can continue to offer reassurance, caring support and practical advice to everyone who needs it.

We can't do this without you 

The lovely nurses at Asthma UK
completely changed my lockdown 

Discovering I had to shield due to my asthma medication, made me very anxious. I never thought I was high-risk and the thought of being trapped at home for three months filled me with dread.

Unable to contact my GP for clarity about shielding, I really began to panic. That's when I saw a post online from Asthma UK. I soon discovered their Helpline had a WhatsApp service, which I immediately messaged.

A nurse soon messaged me back and completely changed my lockdown - and my mental health. Now Asthma UK is my go-to source for any information about my asthma.

Vanessa from Dorset

You can help our vital services be there for
everyone who needs them*

Since the start of March the Helpline has helped thousands of people worried about their asthma.


Over 50% of the calls answered by the Helpline during lockdown have been from people needing support about their asthma and COVID-19.


Over 3 million people read our online advice about COVID-19 and over 60% found our advice for the first time.

Your donation can provide vital support now and in the future

Could cover the cost of an asthma nurse on the Helpline offering potentially lifesaving advice.


Could help us answer one hour of Helpline calls from people desperate for help.


Could pay for two hours of vital calls on the Helpline.

*All stats correct as of 2 September 2020