Will you support asthma research? 

Asthma research focussing on: 


Improving Diagnosis

Diagnosing asthma can a be difficult, expensive, distressing and exhausting experience. We want to improve this.

Targeted Treatments

Everyone’s experiences of asthma are different. We want to use advances in science, data, and technology to develop and improve treatments.

Improving Self-Management

We believe technology holds the key to developing simple and effective ways for people to improve their asthma self-management.  

Your support will help research projects like these: 


Dr Ramesh Kurukulaaratchy, University of Southampton – I’m researching how microRNAs in blood samples link to having asthma. This research could mean we’re able to develop a simple blood test that can be used by doctors in just a few years. 



 Dr Adam Byrne, Imperial College London - Metabolism is the process in which cells burn nutrients. We have discovered that metabolism is affected in an immune cell called a macrophage when you are exposed to allergens such as dust. The study aims to determine whether currently available drugs targeting this process can be used to treat asthma.


Dr Louise Fleming, Imperial College London – I’m seeking to identify better ways to help ensure that asthma sufferers take their medication. I’m testing three novel electronic devices that will help those with asthma to manage their symptoms better.